Rwenzori Mountain

Rwenzori Mountains –the fog covered crests of the Mountains of the Moon furnish a shocking background to this heavenly stop, placed on Uganda's western outskirt. In the focal point of the extent, a portion of the tops are forever secured in snow and glacial masses, while the easier inclines are secured with thick backwoods. Here is the third most elevated mountain in Africa, Mt. Magherita, which ascents to 5,100 metres above ocean level. Strolling tours in the foothills are a characteristic, in spite of the fact that just the encountered and fit might as well endeavor a climb on the crests, which match the Alps in trouble. A portion of the natural life to be discovered in the mountains incorporate the chimpanzees, plus the blue monkey, hyrax, monster backwoods swine and numerous interesting fowl species, for example the Rwenzori touraco, the francolin and the olive pigeon.

The Rwenzoris are arranged or lie in western Uganda along the Uganda-Congo fringe. The central cold tops incorporate the third most noteworthy focus in Africa, while the more level inclines are covered in moorland, bamboo and rich, sodden montane woodland. Incredible extensive tree-heathers and vivid greeneries are wrapped through out the mountainside with monster lobelias and "everlasting blossoms", making a charming, children's story scene like from a film, to be more exact the place where there is the pixies.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park ensures extraordinary parts of the 120km-long and expansive Rwenzori mountain range regions. The recreation center is home to 70+ well evolved creatures and 217+ flying creature species incorporating 19 Albertine Rift endemics, and in addition a portion of the planet's rarest vegetation in the East African area.

Rwenzori offer a planet class "top-indented" trekking and mountaineering background. Approximatel 10 to 11 day trek will get encountered climbers to the highest point of Margherita which is its most elevated crest, Though shorter and less entangled treks are a probable dare to scale the encompassing tops.

 For the individuals who incline toward something a little less strenuous, neighboring Bakonzo villages offer nature strolls, property visits home social exhibitions and settlement, incorporating home-cooked nearby food sustenances th at will make you like the mountain all the more.


Places You Must Visit


Bulemba habitations stays of Rwenzururu's first King, Isaiah Mukirania Kibanzanga, who is accepted to have spared the Bakonzo tribe from the Batooro fierceness. Every year on the second of September, each Mukonzo goes to the journey to this hallowed site, ordinarily to make presents.

Tropical snow crests

The Elevated Rwenzori is made up of six diffrent mountains. In spite of the fact that these mountains arelocated only not many miles north of the equator, the most noteworthy of these -Mounts Stanley which is 5,109m high, Speke which is 4,890m high and Baker which is 4,843m high -all the snow and icy masses they hold are perpetual. The snow crests could be arrived at by climbing the Kilembe Trails and the Central Circuits.

The Land of the Triffids

The overcast glacial mass cut gulches of the raised Rwenzori structure an abberant herbal planet ocuppied by triffid-measured types of lobelia, heather and groundsel, fresh "everlasting blossoms," ostentatiously coloured greeneries and twisted trees wrapped with drapes of lichen. The aftereffect of this is an extraordinary setting which, through the years, has been contrasted with the timberlands of the Jabberwock, the Seven Dwarves and, inexorably, Tolkein's Middle Earth.


Is discovered at the southeastern base of the Rwenzori Mountains and is the beggining of the way for the seven-day Central Circuit to the high tops. It is likewise the purpose of source for mount strolls, fledgling and nature treks and strolls through the customary estates of the nearby Bakonzo neighborhood. Settlement cooking for a reach of plans offers extraordinary mountain sees up the Mubuku valley.


The Rwenzori Mountains National Park has in excess of 20 lakes with the least and generally effortlessly receptive being Lake Mahoma 2,651m in the feathered creature sufficient backwoods of the Central Circuit. The wonderful Lake Bujuku lies at the head of the profound, icy mass cut Bujuku valley in the shadow of Mounts Stanley, Baker and Speke. In the Nyamwamba Valley, rose by the Kilembe Trail, dams made by chilly moraine have made a string of eight delightful lakes. A few waterways and streams orginate from the mountain, structuring helps for the flore and verdure in the surge fields and supporting neighborhood neighborhoods.

Place where there is the Triffids

The dim ice sheet cut gorches of the raised Rwenzori shape an abberant herbal planet possessed by triffid-measured types of lobelia, heather and groundsel, fresh "everlasting blooms," conspicuously coloured greeneries and contorted trees wrapped with blinds of lichen. The effect is a powerful setting which, through the years, has been contrasted with the backwoods of the Jabberwock, the Seven Dwarves and, inescapably, Tolkein'

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