• Gorilla Family In The Wild

    Gorilla Permits and Tracking

    Gorillas in the wild

    This is a family of gorillas in the wild. You can catch these exciting moments in our Gorilla Tour Packages.

  • Lion Safari Africa

    Breath Taking Moments

    Excting Wild life Safari

    If you love wildlife, you can get as close as your chills allow... You can truly feel the fright...Have you the guts to face up to your fears? So near, you can hear your neighbours heartbeat...You have to see it for your self.

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  • Wildlife Migration

    Wilderbeest Migration

    Watch in awe and admiration

    Nothing is more spectacular than a front row seat deep in the Serengeti, Up close and personal, a sight of .... t.

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  • Hippo Tour Uganda

    Hippos enjoying the morning

    Beautiful but dangerous

    Its one of those safaris you would never want to miss. Why do we find it irresistable being near such beautiful but deadly spectacle.... Don't worry, our guides will get you there safely....

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  • New Elephants

    Elephants to watch out for

    Some awesome shots of these in action !!!!

    For those out there with the nerves and the guts to come near these,yes watch but dont.How beautiful it is to see these large and enormous beasts playing about and just getting on with the nature and with the pleasant places and environs there.Just watch these powerful beasts playing about and having a great time out there in the wild.
  • Rhinos 1

    What can stand in the way of a Charging Rhino..

    Even the great lions would not want to come in the way of such aggresive rhinos..

    For those who who want some real time close encounters,you should take your chances in our vehicles and do all the watching.Just get this for your self.Thanks for all the documentaries going around.But seeing these awesome scenes as they unfold is what carries weight.
  • Chimpanzees  5

    Chimpanzees watching on.

    its wonderful to see them ..

    Its so interesting seeing these chimpanzees watching at their counterparts on the trees.Such sights might not be able to watch even in the game parks and excursions.Being in the right place at the right time is what every animal lover needs.
  • Hyenas


    AW yes the Hyenas ripping down the remains...

    Hyenas are the animals with the strongest jaws and this is what makes them stand out of the rest such as the lions,tigers and others.The amaizing thing is that they single drop in without much hunting to enjoy what has been left.So watch them enjoying their recipes today with us and dont miss out on....

Behind the Scenes Suffering of Circus Chimpanzees Exposed

Animal Defenders International is marking this year’s International Primate Day by raising awareness about the suffering of chimpanzees who are used in entertainment.

This year, the organization is highlighting evidence of chimpanzee mistreatment and exploitation at Schwaben Park in Germany. Undercover images and video footage taken by ADI and Animal Equality show chimpanzees being humiliated and forced to perform ridiculous tricks and unnatural behaviors — including riding bicycles, walking on balls and wearing clothes — to entertain visitors.

While the shows themselves are degrading, ADI points out that more problems are found behind the scenes where chimps are subjected to harsh discipline to “train” them, along with being isolated in cages where they are deprived of enrichment and the ability to socialize or engage in natural behaviors.

According to Animal Equality, at least 18 of the 24 chimps born at the park were taken from their mothers when they were about a day old to begin training, even though the practice is frowned upon due to the lasting psychological effects on both mothers and infants.

Despite the continued exploitation of non-human primates for entertainment, these types of shows do nothing to educate people about their intelligence, emotional capabilities and complex nature. In the wild, they live in social circles with their own cultures and form life-long bonds. Like us, they express a wide range of emotions from joy and anger to grief and depression.

Experts who reviewed the evidence obtained all agreed that chimps were suffering and showing signs of psychological distress. One psychologist who examined Animal Equality’s findings, believed that some of them were suffering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD).

Possibly one of the biggest problems with their prevalence in entertainment, aside from the suffering it causes, is misleading people into believing that chimpanzees are abundant when in fact they are an endangered species who continue to face threats including habitat loss, hunting, disease and being taken for the pet trade and entertainment industry.

“By forcing primates to perform tricks, express non-natural behaviours or dress in clothes, the entertainment industry turns these intelligent and complex animals into figures of derision which can undermine serious conservation efforts and stimulate demand for animals to be snatched for the wild because they are seen as amusing playthings,” according to ADI.

In the U.S., wild chimpanzees were listed as endangered in 1990, but captive chimps were listed in a special category that exempted them from ESA protections. The U.S. is currently considering a proposal to list both wild and captive chimpanzees as endangered, which would end their use in entertainment, while the UK is working to ban them in circuses by 2015, as a number of other countries have done.

“Suffering is an inevitable part of life for primates used for entertainment in shows, films or at events. Never visit attractions with performing primates and urge the Government to keep its promise to ban wild animals in circuses to keep Britain free of circus cruelty to chimps, monkeys and other primates,” said Animal Defenders International Chief Executive Jan Creamer in a press release.

Please send a message to businesses that continue to exploit chimpanzees and other wild animals by avoiding them and find other humane alternatives to teach children to respect, treasure and protect wildlife.

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