• Gorilla Family In The Wild

    Gorilla Permits and Tracking

    Gorillas in the wild

    This is a family of gorillas in the wild. You can catch these exciting moments in our Gorilla Tour Packages.

  • Lion Safari Africa

    Breath Taking Moments

    Excting Wild life Safari

    If you love wildlife, you can get as close as your chills allow... You can truly feel the fright...Have you the guts to face up to your fears? So near, you can hear your neighbours heartbeat...You have to see it for your self.

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  • Wildlife Migration

    Wilderbeest Migration

    Watch in awe and admiration

    Nothing is more spectacular than a front row seat deep in the Serengeti, Up close and personal, a sight of .... t.

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  • Hippo Tour Uganda

    Hippos enjoying the morning

    Beautiful but dangerous

    Its one of those safaris you would never want to miss. Why do we find it irresistable being near such beautiful but deadly spectacle.... Don't worry, our guides will get you there safely....

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  • New Elephants

    Elephants to watch out for

    Some awesome shots of these in action !!!!

    For those out there with the nerves and the guts to come near these,yes watch but dont.How beautiful it is to see these large and enormous beasts playing about and just getting on with the nature and with the pleasant places and environs there.Just watch these powerful beasts playing about and having a great time out there in the wild.
  • Rhinos 1

    What can stand in the way of a Charging Rhino..

    Even the great lions would not want to come in the way of such aggresive rhinos..

    For those who who want some real time close encounters,you should take your chances in our vehicles and do all the watching.Just get this for your self.Thanks for all the documentaries going around.But seeing these awesome scenes as they unfold is what carries weight.
  • Chimpanzees  5

    Chimpanzees watching on.

    its wonderful to see them ..

    Its so interesting seeing these chimpanzees watching at their counterparts on the trees.Such sights might not be able to watch even in the game parks and excursions.Being in the right place at the right time is what every animal lover needs.
  • Hyenas


    AW yes the Hyenas ripping down the remains...

    Hyenas are the animals with the strongest jaws and this is what makes them stand out of the rest such as the lions,tigers and others.The amaizing thing is that they single drop in without much hunting to enjoy what has been left.So watch them enjoying their recipes today with us and dont miss out on....

Uganda's endangered Giraffe species

A species of giraffe that exists only in Uganda and Kenya has been placed on the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

The Red List implies that the giraffe, the Rothschild giraffe, is endangered and its protection is a matter of international priority.

The Rothschild giraffe, also known as the Ugandan giraffe, lives in the wild in Nile Valley in Uganda and the Rift Valley in Kenya. There are just below 2,500 mature Rothschild giraffes in the world.

In a news statement issued today, Julian Fennessey, giraffe expert and conservationist, says the Rothschild giraffe is on the brink of extinction. She says the Ugandan and Kenyan governments need to step up efforts to protect the animals from poaching and disease and to form sound conservation strategies to improve the situation.

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, only the West African giraffe is in worse shape than Rothschild's. With active conservation work, this subspecies has gone from some 100 individuals to 220 today, but is still in grave danger of disappearing.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation has worked with stabilizing the West African giraffe population and is now focusing on Rothschild's. The International Union for Conservation for Nature says mammals throughout Africa are in decline. A recent study found that even in protected areas, mammal populations have dropped by approximately 60 percent in 35 years.

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